Jeffrey McFadden Masterclass on the Camino – Carrion de los Condes, Spain – May 12-19, 2018 – For Classical Guitarists

Masterclass in ErmitaClasses in Interpretation
An intensive course in interpretation of all classical guitar repertoire in the form of daily lessons/masterclass under University of Toronto professor and performing artist Jeffrey McFadden.



Fretboard Harmony Course (Optional)
Daily classes in introductory Fretboard Harmony for the classical guitarist – build your skills as a performer, improviser and arranger with the materials studied in this practicum. Registration includes the purchase (at a 50% discount!) of the text Fretboard Harmony: Common Practice Harmony on the Guitar, which is used in the course.


Performance Opportunities
Perform for a new audience every night! Pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela from all over the world make up a part of the audience every night. The performance venues are incredible Romanesque Churches dating from XI to the XII Century with beautiful acoustics. Evening concerts takes place 5 days a week.







Immersion in Spanish Culture
Carrion de los Condes is an ancient and beautiful small town in Palencia in Castilla y Leon region of Spain, a town of great importance at the time of the old pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela. Its medieval origins can be seen in some of its historic buildings and in the old town. Close to Burgos, Valladolid and other important Spanish centres of culture.
Spanish language lessons are available.

Visit CaminoArtes to learn about the larger project bringing music to the Camino de Santiago



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